A Christmas Message from The Jackdaw Post Team

We at The Jackdaw Post want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We know this year has been weird and we know that it has created great strain for everyone. In the coming year, we hope to continue our work in providing you with news and analysis that you may not receive elsewhere. We live in uncertain times of disease, political and social upheaval, and severe economic damage that might take decades to fully mend. But through this, we remain positive and optimistic for the future that lays ahead.

In short, we want to express our appreciation towards our readership as we embark into the new year and further into great unknowns. History is a peculiar thing. We keep forgetting that it is not something left in an old book on a library shelf but a living, breathing thing we all live through. We may look back on this year (and possibly this decade) the same way our parents or even our grandparents look at previous periods of upheaval. This year, however, shall stay with everyone. It is with these thoughts that we at The Jackdaw Post want to thank you and wish you all the best over the holidays and into the new year.

Featured Image Credit: Łukasz Rawa on Unsplash


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