The Generation Who Loves Marxism Yet Do Not Understand It: Guest Opinion Piece by Filip Đukić

The united horde of the modern left controls the media and is changing the consciousness and opinions of its viewers. This consist of not only non-established individuals but also those in the academic world. Most students and professors have left-wing beliefs. Yet post-Marxist ideology has gained new momentum in recent years with other groups who cannot explain why they like it. Almost all social networks are under the indifference of leftist agendas from Twitter to Tumblr.

Only a few free forums like 4chan can be classified as being in the right-wing spectrum of political thought – although it is ridiculous to describe such a platform as having a political pedigree. But as everything is politics today – as is every inch of social networks and many websites being used for political purposes – it is not stupid to write in such a context. Young people do not understand at all why they support a particular ideology.

In their heads is the idea of ​​some magical attraction to communism, even though they know nothing or very little of it. On Tik Tok, they shoot short videos where they pose with pictures of Marx, explaining how the CIA denigrates China, a country where you can find absolute freedom and prosperity. China, whose companies own this social network, is dictating what other users will see. The most exciting aspect of this trend is this obsession with communism. Why is communism appealing to generations Z and Y along with socialism and Marxism in general?

Possible Reasons

Postmodernist authors: Authors such as Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, Simone de Beauvoir, and the rest are credited with the growing acceptance of communism in a new form – a kind of post-Marxist ideology.

Illogical? Not really: Because the mentioned philosophers (among others) worked persistently on a kind of destruction of established structures. This is not problematic unless they point out the biological determinants of Foucault’s philosophy, as had Judith Butler.

To put it simply, Foucault based his teaching on emphasizing the fluctuation in every social connection whether it is social or biological structures. So what does that have to do with communism now? Even though Foucault’s ideas and communism are not directly linked, it is a connection that younger generations are attracted to learning about – the so-called ‘social constructs’. The degradation of social constructs leads to their disappearance, in which you can then supposedly create your own identity. Another of the mentioned postmodern philosophers, Jacques Derrida, is credited with dethroning holism in some ways.

Derrida probably did not have such an intention, but his concept of ‘deconstruction’ is a theory where he critically explains every part of human history. Primarily through literary texts, Derrida argues that it is impossible to define two opposing terms. For example, heterosexuality and homosexuality – nor can the binary opposites of the above be categorically defined.

Therefore – the whole history is mixed. In each historical period, specific variants are not classified into one homogeneous zone. New postmodernist philosophers and sociologists have embraced this teaching. The relativism of every field in humanity seems very cool in the eyes of the beholder, especially for the new generations who like to experiment more with gender than with drugs.


In the Academic World

A lot of professors have remained bound in the shackles of the past. I am thinking here of communists, professors, etc, who cultivate a kind of nostalgia for socialism. Their work in the last century continues through new generations. They are the ones who – through various idiotic subjects usually within the Faculty of Philosophy – are responsible for the continued spread of the ideas of Marxism, albeit in a slightly modified form. Derrida is the one who is credited for many courses that have no foothold. As an example, I will cite the subject ‘Stylistic’.

The mainstay of the course is the interpretation of lyrical poems using postmodernist teaching. Marcel Duchamp or Jackson Pollock was not extravagant enough in the creation, so the idea is to find the work of even more bizarre and marginal artists. Every lyrical poem (which is not exactly a poem), every literary text, every sentence – even if it was unambiguous as: ‘Today I am hungry’ – can be interpreted arbitrarily. That also applies to other courses of humanities’ faculties.

The language wants to be deconstructed and marginalized, therefore the syntax as well. Capitalism is often denigrated during history courses, especially when professors explain that the feudal system is the forerunner of capitalism. Art also no longer serves a purpose, as Sir Roger Scruton stated because everything in art is beautiful nowadays.

I mentioned these examples that encourage students to think that everything is either dispersive or nothing. This distortion of concepts and facts goes hand in hand with the radical leftists of today, who will claim that we are all different, and on the other hand will wish you death if you say there are two sexes.

It is simply ignorance and a non-recognition of facts – de nihilo nihil. Although nothing can be created from nothing, any danger can arise here. Ignorance of history and events during the communist regime does not justify people who support the post-Marxist ideology – an ideology that erases borders and destroys the foundations both in society and in each person individually.

Chairman Mao Zedong killed about 28 million people. The perception and sick obscenity of communist sympathizers is this: it is less harmful to kill your own people like Mao than to kill minorities like the Nazis. The assessment is different. For those people, one evil is far worse than another. Even when there is some knowledge of the terror of communism in an individual who values that same communism, that same individual will not and does not want to admit the facts. The left today understands Goebbels’s emphasis on the importance of propaganda and the media. They realized that owning the media and marketing is everything. The right is late here.

Featured image credit: “Marxism” by rdesign812 is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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