Adam Curtis: An Appraisal

'A documentary filmmaker with nearly forty years of experience and four BAFTAs to his name, he has divided the many camps that have viewed his idiosyncratic work, especially through his long-time collaboration with the BBC.'

Is the contemporary crisis best understood through ‘problem solving’ or ‘critical’ international theory?

'Above all, the faults of both problem solving and critical approaches reveal the limitations of relying on theory itself to help understand both contemporary and past crises'

George Blake’s death marks the declining memory of the Cold War’s lessons

'The lives of men like Blake serve as an example of the realities that global politics consists of and dissolves the assumptions that we often take for granted.'

The Rise of Hybrid Elections: Lawfare, Disinformation, and Division

'Attempting to delegitimise or waste the time and money of several US states is called 'lawfare', something Trump does not have the funds of achieving successfully.'

Putin’s reign is far from collapsing

'The critical rhetoric used against Putin so far may sound like a challenge for the man himself. But with cases of Putin defying the international order having already occurred several times, the words postulated by leaders who do not tolerate Putin's actions do not seem to correlate with their responses.'


Whilst most economies falter, tax havens will benefit from the expense of the virus

'Any tax increases will arouse the disgruntlement of most of the public. But by the same token, it will benefit one sphere which receives those who flee inadequacies to their fiscal affairs.'

To comprehend Chinese foreign policy, its history must be understood first

'The CCP’s historical attitudes towards Confucianism is one that uses China’s historical roots as a political tool for its Machiavellian interests than that of the legitimate force for good ....'