Policy Options for the Green Transition: Command-and-Control and Market-Based Policies.

'This piece will examine command-and-control polices and market-based policies, which are the first policy categories that usually come to mind when thinking about climate policy.'

How could the European Union promote a sustainable food system while enabling food security?

'The EU must transform its food system in the following years and promote a decentralised food system.'

How can the EU reform its fiscal framework to meet its climate targets?

'The Covid-19 pandemic adversely impacts the EU’s economy. Thus, the EU requires a strong green growth strategy to mitigate the adverse economic impact of the pandemic, meet its climate targets, and restore its economic competitiveness'

The UK’s New 5G Plan: A Japanese Rescue?

It has been recently revealed that NEC (Japan’s leading telecommunications company) has publicised their aim to establish an Open Ran centre in the UK. Such moves could possibly define the UK’s telecommunications 5G rollout.   This Open RAN Centre has said they aim “to accelerate the global adoption of Open RAN and to further strengthen … Continue reading The UK’s New 5G Plan: A Japanese Rescue?


Regional Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Requisite for the Future?

One of the biggest problems we have in the 21st Century is the sourcing of funds to pay for local services and administrations. There has been many ideas raised to try and solve this problem; from making cuts; streamlining local services; giving up services to a higher-level form of governance; and everyone's favourite - raising … Continue reading Regional Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Requisite for the Future?

Is Malaysia over the BRI?

In recent days, the Malaysian state of Melaka has terminated an agreement with the state’s main infrastructure developer over its Belt and Road Initiative project. As a result, the future of Malaysian involvement was thrown into question. This comes as the Melaka Chief Minister’s Office said in a statement that the agreement with KAJ Development … Continue reading Is Malaysia over the BRI?

Conservative Take On Universal Basic Income

'.... I believe that most people get the wrong idea on what is meant by UBI so let me give you a quick description as to what I believe it should be.'

Is CANZUK really happening? UK and Canada sign trade agreement.

'The deal in question will ensure that around £20 billion in trade per annum between the two nations will continue after the UK officially leaves the EU at the start of the next year.'