Policy Options for the Green Transition: Command-and-Control and Market-Based Policies.

'This piece will examine command-and-control polices and market-based policies, which are the first policy categories that usually come to mind when thinking about climate policy.'

Adam Curtis: An Appraisal

'A documentary filmmaker with nearly forty years of experience and four BAFTAs to his name, he has divided the many camps that have viewed his idiosyncratic work, especially through his long-time collaboration with the BBC.'

Antarctica as a Chinese Political Monopoly: Guest Opinion Piece By Filip Đukić

'Minerals, commercial fishing and tourism are just some of the reasons that are increasingly attracting countries around the world to take an even stronger position in the race for Antarctica.'

Understanding the Biden Administration’s Policy towards China

'.... it can be anticipated that the current administration will try to restore its losing economic foothold in the Indo-Pacific along with managing the growing Chinese military adventurism in the region.'

A Corona-induced Shake Up within Indonesia?

'With Indonesia having the largest number of coronavirus cases in Southeast Asia and the second highest in Asia, it is very surprising that Jokowi waited until late December to remove Terawan from his position.'