Is the contemporary crisis best understood through ‘problem solving’ or ‘critical’ international theory?

'Above all, the faults of both problem solving and critical approaches reveal the limitations of relying on theory itself to help understand both contemporary and past crises'

Regional Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Requisite for the Future?

One of the biggest problems we have in the 21st Century is the sourcing of funds to pay for local services and administrations. There has been many ideas raised to try and solve this problem; from making cuts; streamlining local services; giving up services to a higher-level form of governance; and everyone's favourite - raising … Continue reading Regional Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Requisite for the Future?


Is Malaysia over the BRI?

In recent days, the Malaysian state of Melaka has terminated an agreement with the state’s main infrastructure developer over its Belt and Road Initiative project. As a result, the future of Malaysian involvement was thrown into question. This comes as the Melaka Chief Minister’s Office said in a statement that the agreement with KAJ Development … Continue reading Is Malaysia over the BRI?

Conservative Take On Universal Basic Income

'.... I believe that most people get the wrong idea on what is meant by UBI so let me give you a quick description as to what I believe it should be.'

RIP Professor Walter E. Williams

It has sadly been revealed recently that George Mason University’s Walter E. Williams has passed away at the age of 84. Williams was considered to be one of America’s leading defenders of free-markets and free people. Not only has Williams helped and inspired countless generations of young people with his numerous political writings and economic … Continue reading RIP Professor Walter E. Williams