How could the European Union promote a sustainable food system while enabling food security?

'The EU must transform its food system in the following years and promote a decentralised food system.'

How can the EU reform its fiscal framework to meet its climate targets?

'The Covid-19 pandemic adversely impacts the EU’s economy. Thus, the EU requires a strong green growth strategy to mitigate the adverse economic impact of the pandemic, meet its climate targets, and restore its economic competitiveness'

Conservative Take On Universal Basic Income

'.... I believe that most people get the wrong idea on what is meant by UBI so let me give you a quick description as to what I believe it should be.'

Macron’s Final Days: How Did It Get To This?

Recent days have shown that Emmanuel Macron has been losing power. Many people have suggested, that if he loses too much, he will have to hold early elections. This issue emerged after another group of members within his party defected, which has led to a loss of his parliamentary majority. With the recent defections, as … Continue reading Macron’s Final Days: How Did It Get To This?


2020 – Going Nuclear

With all that has been going on this year, it can be stated that 2020 has not been the best year so far. From the Australian wild fires to the outbreak of Covid-19 it seems like humanity can't catch a break. With all that going on, we are now seeing tensions building up between major … Continue reading 2020 – Going Nuclear

Nicola Sturgeon and her hostility to Westminster

As we all know, the Scottish Government under the Scottish National Party (SNP) has tried to prove that they can deal with Covid-19 in their own way. This has led to the leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, to take strong action, attempting to lock down the country quicker than the rest of the UK. … Continue reading Nicola Sturgeon and her hostility to Westminster