Adam Curtis: An Appraisal

'A documentary filmmaker with nearly forty years of experience and four BAFTAs to his name, he has divided the many camps that have viewed his idiosyncratic work, especially through his long-time collaboration with the BBC.'

Understanding the Biden Administration’s Policy towards China

'.... it can be anticipated that the current administration will try to restore its losing economic foothold in the Indo-Pacific along with managing the growing Chinese military adventurism in the region.'

Is the liberal international order already a thing of the past? If so, what is it replaced by?

'The following essay will explore why it is and will present two possible replacements for it.'

RIP Professor Walter E. Williams

It has sadly been revealed recently that George Mason University’s Walter E. Williams has passed away at the age of 84. Williams was considered to be one of America’s leading defenders of free-markets and free people. Not only has Williams helped and inspired countless generations of young people with his numerous political writings and economic … Continue reading RIP Professor Walter E. Williams


The Rise of Hybrid Elections: Lawfare, Disinformation, and Division

'Attempting to delegitimise or waste the time and money of several US states is called 'lawfare', something Trump does not have the funds of achieving successfully.'

Elon Musk is THE LAW. On Mars. Maybe.

With the recent outpour of articles and opinions on SpaceX new statement on thir missions to colonizes Mars, many people might be wondering what going on and why is it a big deal. Well, the uproar started with Elon Musk's SpaceX announcing that they believe Mars to be a free planet. This has lead to … Continue reading Elon Musk is THE LAW. On Mars. Maybe.