Policy Options for the Green Transition: Command-and-Control and Market-Based Policies.

'This piece will examine command-and-control polices and market-based policies, which are the first policy categories that usually come to mind when thinking about climate policy.'

An Overview on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

'The TPNW is replete with a sophisticated and robust host of prohibitions - weapon development, testing, acquiring, stockpiling, threatening, etc. - as a pursuant to commitments of participating NPT signatories ....'

How could the European Union promote a sustainable food system while enabling food security?

'The EU must transform its food system in the following years and promote a decentralised food system.'

Is the contemporary crisis best understood through ‘problem solving’ or ‘critical’ international theory?

'Above all, the faults of both problem solving and critical approaches reveal the limitations of relying on theory itself to help understand both contemporary and past crises'

Is the liberal international order already a thing of the past? If so, what is it replaced by?

'The following essay will explore why it is and will present two possible replacements for it.'

How can the EU reform its fiscal framework to meet its climate targets?

'The Covid-19 pandemic adversely impacts the EU’s economy. Thus, the EU requires a strong green growth strategy to mitigate the adverse economic impact of the pandemic, meet its climate targets, and restore its economic competitiveness'

To what extent was the Brezhnev Doctrine a successful policy for the Soviet Union?

In the following essay, I will examine to what extent was the Brezhnev Doctrine a successful policy for the Soviet Union. It will attempt to answer this question by investigating what the Brezhnev Doctrine was, its policies, and the impact it had for the Soviet Union’s credibility. This will be done by scrutinising the events … Continue reading To what extent was the Brezhnev Doctrine a successful policy for the Soviet Union?


The Creeping Crisis: Slovakia’s Housing Policy Failure

The obsession with ownership and the lamentable state of our housing policy means we’ve got another thing coming. Housing has been a serious problem in Slovakia for decades. First, there was the socialist housing. Beleaguered with long waiting times and short supply, these government-built apartments carried all the space and comfort of a Turkish prison … Continue reading The Creeping Crisis: Slovakia’s Housing Policy Failure