A Corona-induced Shake Up within Indonesia?

'With Indonesia having the largest number of coronavirus cases in Southeast Asia and the second highest in Asia, it is very surprising that Jokowi waited until late December to remove Terawan from his position.'

How can the EU reform its fiscal framework to meet its climate targets?

'The Covid-19 pandemic adversely impacts the EU’s economy. Thus, the EU requires a strong green growth strategy to mitigate the adverse economic impact of the pandemic, meet its climate targets, and restore its economic competitiveness'

Is CANZUK really happening? UK and Canada sign trade agreement.

'The deal in question will ensure that around £20 billion in trade per annum between the two nations will continue after the UK officially leaves the EU at the start of the next year.'

Whilst most economies falter, tax havens will benefit from the expense of the virus

'Any tax increases will arouse the disgruntlement of most of the public. But by the same token, it will benefit one sphere which receives those who flee inadequacies to their fiscal affairs.'

The Long Way Out: FDI in Southeast Asia

With tensions around the world so high due to China throwing its political weight around more than usual, many have speculated as to how business and industry will respond to the world “post-corona”. Nations are now debating on the future of their economic relationship with China and the possibility of decoupling its factories away from … Continue reading The Long Way Out: FDI in Southeast Asia