Antarctica as a Chinese Political Monopoly: Guest Opinion Piece By Filip Đukić

'Minerals, commercial fishing and tourism are just some of the reasons that are increasingly attracting countries around the world to take an even stronger position in the race for Antarctica.'

To comprehend Chinese foreign policy, its history must be understood first

'The CCP’s historical attitudes towards Confucianism is one that uses China’s historical roots as a political tool for its Machiavellian interests than that of the legitimate force for good ....'

The Dichotomy of Experiences and Standards

"George Floyd's murder, China's own discrimination of Africans, and its persecution of Uighers within Xinjiang, are testament to the fact that racism is ubiquitous and will exist for as long as we walk this earth"

Explaining the ‘China Threat’ Thesis

After the end of the Cold War, the US appeared triumphant against its Soviet rival who had now ceased to exist, which redistributed the world’s polarity to the US and its western victors. While it arguably became a multipolar system, it still nevertheless made the US the global hegemon. However, global politics is often a … Continue reading Explaining the ‘China Threat’ Thesis