The Jackdaw Team

Igor Bubeník

Founder, Editor-in-chief, Writer

I have gained a Master of Public Policy, with a focus on behavioural economics and an undergraduate degree in International Area Studies. My articles consist primarily of political thought and critique of narratives. They call into question the information presented to us as facts and try to make the reader think about world events in a different, unorthodox and critical way. My snarky, aggressive way of writing may not be to everyone’s liking but while people have a right to feel offended, they also have a duty to seek the truth.

Joshua Turpin

Operations, Social Media Manager and Writer

My name is Joshua – I’m currently a student of business management whilst also working in the service sector. I’m one of the founding members of The Jackdaw and currently work as a writer for the website whilst also managing its social media accounts. Personal information about me: some of my favourite things to do in my free time is reading up on history, politics and culture. I’m also a baseball and rugby fan and no, I’m not going to tell you which team I support!

Nathan Wilson

Writer, Asia-Pacific Security and Politics Expert

Yorkshire Expat, currently studying in Scotland and used to live and study in Hong Kong. I write mostly on Asia-Pacific Security and Politics, especially within ASEAN. In addition, I focus on ‘Complexity’ and ‘Emergence’ within Political Science as a researcher regarding security.


Soumyodeep Deb

Writer and Chinese correspondent

I am currently working as a Research Assistant at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. Prior to this, I had completed my Master’s in International Affairs from Lingnan University and another Master’s in East Asian Studies from the University of Delhi. My work focuses on issues ranging from China’s foreign and security policy; Chinese politics; Chinese-Indian relations, and the overall geopolitics around the Indo-Pacific region. I also have an intermediate level of knowledge in reading, writing, and speaking Mandarin. 

Michael Robinett

International Security and Nuclear Politics Contributor

I’m primarily interested in international security and the future of the international society as it relates to both security dilemmas and weapons of mass destruction. I have gained honours degrees in Liberal Arts, Science, Philosophy, and Politics. Over the last decade I have dedicated my time to these topics to get a grip on bigger questions like: ‘how ought we to live?’ and ‘What is the good life?’. I have determined that the solution starts with security matters on the global stage. Over the last four years, I have switched gears to everything international politics and nuclear arms control.

Sebastian Kiecker

Political Economy Contributor

Originally from Cologne, Germany I am currently studying towards an undergraduate in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) degree in Scotland. I hold a strong multidisciplinary background with a specialism in economic policy and political economy. My research interests lie with the political economy of climate and energy policy. I mostly write on political economy and economic policy in all its shapes and forms – often with a focus on environmental and pan-European policy issues.

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